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Hurricane Ida Recovery












Click here for the NJDOT website link for more information.

Click here for the Somerset County website link for more information.

A message from PSE&G regarding electric panels compromised by flooding:

If your electric panel in your home was submerged or sustained water damage in flooding and you have power, we strongly encourage you to consult an electrician. If you do not have power, please contact PSE&G. PSE&G is responsible for replacing or repairing the service wire coming from the street to the point of connection on the customers home along with the electric meter if it was damaged. If there is any damage to the electrical panel and/or the wiring inside your home, please contact an electrician as this is the homeowner’s responsibility. Once the work is complete, contact your municipality for an inspection before PSE&G can restore services.

Abandoned Vehicles on Roadways in Town:

If your vehicle was left abandoned on a roadway in town due to flooding, here is the list of tow companies we use in town and their phone number, do not call police communications:

  • Colonial Motors: 908-722-2700

  • E&N Towing: 908-725-1154

  • Somerset Hills Towing: 908-234-9678

  • DeLuca’s Towing: 908-725-6262

  • Value Towing: 908-725-7655

  • Rich’s Off Road: 908-419-8917

  • Dave’s Towing: 908-526-3999

  • Mike’s Towing: 908-722-2122

If your vehicle was abandoned on I-78 or I-287, contact the New Jersey State Police at 908-725-0106.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Information:

The SBA offers low-interest, long-term disaster loans to homeowners, renters, businesses of all sizes and non-profits to repair or replace property damaged by Hurricane Ida. The interest rate for homeowners and renters is as low as 1.563% with terms up to 30 years.


Homeowners can borrow up to $200,000 to make repairs to their primary residences and renters and homeowners can borrow up to $40,000 to replace the contents of their homes, including furniture, appliances, and cars.


Businesses can borrow up to $2 million to repair and/or replace damaged buildings, inventory, supplies and other business assets. Businesses can also apply for economic injury disaster loans  to help pay the bills they would have been able to pay had the disaster not happen.


The deadline to apply for a property damage disaster loan is November 4, 2021.  The deadline to apply for an economic injury disaster loan is June 6, 2021.


Anyone impacted by Hurricane Ida should first register with FEMA. We encourage everyone referred by FEMA to the SBA to complete a disaster loan before the deadline, even if they are unsure they want a disaster loan or think they may not qualify. Those that are denied a disaster loan are referred back to FEMA for any other needs assistance that they may be eligible to receive.


There is no need to wait for insurance to be settled to apply for a disaster loan.


Individuals and businesses can find more information and apply online at

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