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Honor Guard

Sgt. Knapp - Honor Guard Commander

Vacant - Assistant Honor Guard Commander


Officer Kennedy

Officer Sujansky

Officer Eitner





















The Bridgewater Police Honor Guard was established to represent the Bridgewater Police Department, its officers and families at police funerals, parades and other ceremonial occasions. The Bridgewater Police Honor Guard is designed to provide the department with a specially trained ceremonial team to render honors, preserve tradition, stimulate Esprit-de-corps and instill pride. It is our intention to assist all officers and their families during their time of emotional duress from the loss or debilitating injury of their loved one.

The Honor Guard accomplishes this by providing guidance and uniformity in the conduct of ceremonies and by establishing a specific sequence of events during those ceremonies. The Honor Guard consists of hard-working, dedicated officers that have given, and will continue to give, their greatest effort to ensure that their department and their Township are represented with pride, dignity and professionalism.

The Honor Guard uniform was designed by Honor Guard members. Navy blue trousers with a West Point Blue stripe, white dress uniform shirt, West Point Blue blouse and patent leather uniform shoes are worn by the members of the Honor Guard.

The Honor Guard has taken part in the Annual Police Week ceremonies in Washington, D.C. The week is dedicated to honoring Law Enforcement Officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice. The Honor Guard has stood watch at the Law Enforcement Memorial each year since 2002.

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