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Internal Affairs








The Bridgewater Township Police Department is committed to ensuring that all sworn members act in a professional and courteous manner at all times by providing quality services that are fair, effective, and impartially applied. It is in the best interests of all involved parties that internal affairs complaints be resolved fairly.


The police department has formal procedures that ensure fairness and protect the rights of both citizens and police officers. All complaints whether anonymous or not are thoroughly investigated. 


In addition, we are also proud to accept commendations from the public wishing to recognize members that have done a good job.

The Internal Affairs Function is governed by New Jersey law, specifically NJSA 40A:14-181 and administered by the New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office through specific and strict Internal Affairs guidelines.


If you would like to file an internal affairs complaint against a member of the Police Department, it can be done via email, mail, telephone or in person.  If you wish to file the complaint in person, please respond to headquarters or call the communications desk at (908) 722-4111 ext. 0


If you would like to file your complaint via the mail or email, please print and complete the Internal Affairs Report Form located below.  Once completed, the form should be mailed or email to Captain Kevin Tennant at:

Captain Kevin Tennant

100 Commons Way

Bridgewater, NJ 08807

When we receive your complaint it will be investigated by a specially trained internal affairs investigator that will conduct a thorough and objective investigation.

If your complaint is sustained and a disciplinary hearing is requested, the hearing will be closed to the public unless the defendant officer requests an open hearing. You will be advised in writing of the outcome of your complaint.

Appendix B: Internal Affairs Report Form

Appendix A: Civilian Complaint Information Sheet

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