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March 20, 2024 - BRHS Senior Assassins

March 20, 2024


To the BRHS Community,


Spring has arrived and that often means one thing to the BRHS Seniors Class: Senior Assassins.

While this annual event seems to be a rite of passage for our graduating seniors, it’s important to note that this activity is not condoned by the High School. More importantly,

we have been asked by the Bridgewater Police Department to update the community and request your support in keeping our students safe from potential problems.

The game is played, to our knowledge, by selecting teams for a tournament to knock out members from the opposing teams with water guns and other items. Sometimes students wear ski masks and carry water guns, etc, as they attempt to surprise their opponents. They will often hide in unlikely situations. These activities often take place in the evening and on weekends and are prohibited to take place during school hours or on school grounds.

We are asking parents to please speak to your child about this activity so we can help keep our students and community safe. Please reinforce that under no circumstances should a student run or avoid the police, as the police are trying to ensure that no illegal activity is taking place. As always, student safety remains a top priority and this activity has the potential to cause unintended harm or consequences to the participants.


Thank you for your cooperation!

BRHS Administration & Bridgewater PD

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